Satyrio opens as Wine Shop and Home Delivery Food!

Satyrio Italian Restaurant and Wine Shop doesn’t stop in front of this difficult moment.
The staff is doing everything to always offer the top of the services to their loyal costumers because of the Covid-19 the services are limited.

Satyrio is now open as a Wine Shop where you can find some fine or entry-level wine label to be enjoyed in complete tranquillity at your home.
The wine list is available here on the site.
We also remind you that due to the limited numbers of the some labels, it is always better to ask Satyrio staff before purchasing.
At your disposal, they will give all the necessary information for the right order.

Therefore, is possibile to order food at home with the delivery services.
Satyrio Restaurant continue to maintain the service delivering all over London small cutting board for the aperitif moment up to the tastier dishes.

We remind that the minimum order is £ 100 (delivery cost separately)

We accept cash or credit card payments

49 Aldgate High Street, EC3N 1AL

020 7488 3334

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