Special thanks to Gambero Rosso and Our Staff!

On February 13th, in London, there was Tre Bicchieri 2020 event by Gambero Rosso.
The awards attended annually by the best wine producers and the best restaurants in London.

This edition was attended by Nadia Iacovelli, founder of the Lady Wine brand, and Mirko Kusturin founding partner of Satyrio Italian Restaurant and Wine Shop, winner of the prestigious Gambero Rosso fork as Top Italian Restaurants in the UK.

The representatives of Lady Wine and Satyrio, with Salvatore Noto (Continental Meat Supply), participated also with the new distribution group of autochthonous wines in UK: INDIGENA WINES.

At the event, the group represented the Tre Monti Agricultural Company, winner of the Tre Bicchieri award for Vitalba, an Albana fermented in Georgian Amphorae.

A special thank you goes to Gambero Rosso for supporting and rewarding our work.

And a heartfelt thank you goes to our staff and collaborators for the hard work that each one performs daily with commitment and professionalism by which contributing to the growth of the group!

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