THE BEEF IN THE WOODS                                    16

Fassona beef tartare served on parmesan fondue topped with lightly toasted pine nuts and fresh grated black truffle

BOHEMIAN OCTOPUS                             16  

Octopus tentacles gently stewed served on silky purple potato cream, fennel carpaccio and garnished with a pinch of toasted Gaeta olive crumble

CRUNCHY SCALLOPS                                15

Grilled with lardo di colonnata served on Cauliflower cream, garnished with crispy parma ham and a touch of lime zest

VITEL TUNÈ      14

Slow cooked Veal carpaccio, blanched vegetables a la Julienne, Sicilian Tuna Mousse and an anchovie butter touch


Broccoli flan, topped with smooth Parmesan cream and crushed Pistachio

SATYRIO EXPLOSION                            20

Ravioli filled with mushroom cream served on parmesan fondue and topped with crispy crumbled Norcia Sausage, parmesan tuille and fresh Black Truffle


Strozzapreti pasta , “Uova di fattoria” free range italian egg, Guanciale di Norcia (sautèed dry pork cheek) garnished with Parmesan and Roman Pecorino cheese tuille

THE SWIMMING CRAB GOES WILD                                                                  22

Tagliatella with swimming crab, Norwegian Bottarga Borealis and a sprinkle of chopped fresh dill

MONNALISA BY THE SEA                                26

Tagliolini pasta with sautèed Sicilian Mazara del Vallo Red prawn, special bisque, and fresh grated Black Truffle

ITALIAN HUG    16        

Spinach and Ricotta filled pasta topped with honey sautèed cherry tomato, basil pearls and grated Ricotta Salata


BAMBI IN THE CITY                                                                            35                                           

Slow cooked venison fillet topped a special “Gastro Gin” Gravy, served on Mantovana Pumpkin purèe, with green apple pickle, garnished with toasted almond petals and a sprinkle of dry roasted ground coffee

TRILOGY                                                                                                                                  24            

Pulled lamb Cubes served on a delicate chestnut cream, with sautèed Black Trumpet mushroom, topped with toasted walnut and homemade Lamb gravy

SALMON FILLET                                                                                                                     22

Baked In pistachio crust served with a delicate Courgette and Mint foam, garnished with Italian Sundried tomato

SEA’S HEART                                                                                                                          26                                                                                   

Wild Italian Seabass fillet cooked “al cartoccio” with vegetable brunoise in a special red sauce served with diced homemade focaccia bread

CHESTNUT FLAN                                                                                  9         

Served on homemade toffee sauce, garnished with roasted ground coffee, toasted almond petals and a pinch of maldon sea salt

CHOCOLATE SENSATION                                10                                                     

Valrhona White and Dark chocolate mousse, Cardamom & Mint chocolate square served on “terra di cioccolato” with Amaretto Disaronno  Jelly and a sprinkle of toasted almond flakes

TIRAMISU’       8

One of the most iconic Italian desserts revisited by our Chef

PANDORA  10                

Sponge Cake with a hot liquid Pistachio cream heart topped with a Special Red fruit Chutney and White Chocolate Ice Cream

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