Another surprise from Satyrio restaurant and wine shop: the art show of Alberto Petrivelli.

At Satyrio, partner with Lady-Wine brand, London’s winter holds another surprise: the presentation of the works of Alberto Petrivelli, a self-taught artist of Tuscan origins who has lived and worked in London for almost twenty years.

The collaboration with the restaurant and Lady-Wine was born following Alberto’s exhibition entitled Down the Rabbit Hole which, even if not on purpose, is also the title of a dish by chef Danny.

Experimentation and openness to the new, as Petrivelli says, led him to the decision to exhibit the works inside Satyrio, on the one hand to tell about his new artistic research and on the other to dialogue with the innovative creations of the chefs.

The paintings on display show a new Alberto, less gloomy than in the first works, lighter and full of new colors.
Some of the creations on display are: Wind from the East, Summer Rain and Seas.
The latter recalls the rippled surface of the sea and, Alberto says, was born after the summer holidays in Italy.
The weeks spent with his childhood friends in Lido di Camaiore have made the artist rediscover the visual suggestions and colors of home.

Who would I be today if I hadn’t left Italy, Alberto wonders, an artist who is constantly researching innovation.
Soft lines and vibrant colors, thanks to the use of plastic materials, come to life on the canvas becoming sculptures in all respects.
All Alberto’s works can be purchased, and prices can be requested from the staff.

Don’t miss it and book a table to taste excellent food and wine!
49 Aldgate High Street, EC3N 1AL
020 7488 3334


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