Art at Satyrio: Stefano Pallara’s colourful paintings

The Italian artist Stefano Pallara has been collaborating with Satyrio and Lady-Wine, partner consultancy on fine wines, for the past two years.

The presentation at Satyrio of the works called “Colordive” series began during 2018 summer.

Deep and introspective, his art is a solitary leap into the unknown to discover himself.

A spiritual communion with the ocean that can both frighten and blind with its brilliance.

One of the paintings currently exhibited at Satyrio is titled “Weightless Insomnia” (acrylic, oil and collage on canvas – 102×75).

It is inspired by surrealist poetry and the work is a tuff in the unconscious: a solitary figure floating inside an ocean which recalls the shades of a blue agate, surrounded by brushstrokes of warm and vibrant colors.

The character in the painting is in a place on the border between reality and dream, his mind floating lightly through a long night, an emotional journey of thoughts, memories and reflections – so Stefano tells about his creation.

At the moment, two other works can be viewed inside the venue: “Falling Awake” from the “Wondering Heights” series – which is still available – and “Hypothetical Leeways” from the “Colordive” series, sold.

The canvases are constantly being renewed as it is possible to purchase them by asking Satyrio staff for the cost.

We invite you to Satyrio where you can taste delicious food and fine wines along with impressive paintings.

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