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WINE SHOP - Satyrio

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The discount applies to the take away bottles

Satyrio is owned by the Corporate MK Wine Art, which proudly owns over 14.000 different labels of fine wine.

Being the flagship of a Company with such an extensive collection guarantees a remarkable selection of wines always available to our customers both in shop orĀ online through our e-shop www.ladywine.com

With over 3.000 bottles, our Aldgate wine shop offers a high quality selection of wines for all tastes and budgets.

Being a team of perfectionists, we want to create a welcoming atmosphere and a bespoke service to all types of customers interested in wine: from those who have basic or little knowledge of wine, to clients who require very detailed information.

Our staff are also highly trained to advise on food pairing, and they will be happy to assist you with any enquiry you may have.

Our extensive offering also includes exclusive services such as private consulting for wine investors and wine collectors upon request.

To make an enquiry or book an appointment with one of our wine advisors, please contact us at info@satyrio.co.uk.

Should you wish your wine to be delivered, we will get it to you as quickly and carefully as possible.

Deliveries within London normally take between 2 and 3 working days, our wine advisors are also available for one-to-one appointments should you need their advice and expertise.

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